The Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition course covers foundational topics and ideas as they relate to holistic nutrition. This curated introductory 100-level course covers such ground as understanding what holistic nutrition is, the primary body systems involved in a therapeutic dietary approach, clarifying important language, moving beyond obvious nutrition solutions and encompassing habits that extend into lifestyle support and more.


        • Learn about the top 3 body systems that are most relevant to a nutritional approach
        • Begin to learn about the gut microbiome and the power of your internal bacteria
        • Learn to identify some of the top environmental toxins to avoid for hormone health
        • Learn about some top drug and nutrient depletions
        • Tips to create a powerful sleep routine
        • Learn why language is important when dealing with health matters
        • Food therapeutic focus on an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, going gluten free, supporting balanced hormones and embracing more of a plant-based lifestyle with food examples and special considerations
        • Class assignments to help solidify knowledge and provide a means of feedback and dialogue
        • Discussions and class resources will help to enrich and continue the learning of class focuses beyond the live class between sessions

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“Cordelia is an amazing teacher who delivers interesting and engaging classes. This class is perfect for anyone looking to learn about holistic nutrition. I highly recommend it!”


“Cordelia is an excellent speaker and made online learning fun.”


“I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the course. Having taken nutrition courses before that aspect wasn’t new to me but Cordelia covered other topics I hadn’t considered to be important when looking at nutrition, and that is the holistic aspect coming into play. Cordelia was approachable and energetic. Her passion for holistic nutrition is obvious and her content was informative and easy to understand.”


Overall class score of 9/10


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Dates: 10/4/2023 to 11/15/2023 on Wednesdays from 12:00 – 3:00pm CT

*Please note: The November 15th class is a 2-hr Masterclass with Cordelia, Janessa & Sherry

Tuition: $675 – Members receive a 10% discount

Duration: 20 Hours

Format: Weekly, interactive, online 3-hr classes will be held on Wednesday from 12-3pm CST via Zoom. Live participation is encouraged however not necessary to successfully complete this course as registered students will have access to each week’s class recording for 5-days.

Prerequisites: None

Course Language: English


  • Weekly learning resource list which includes videos, podcasts, articles and other relevant recommendations to further enhance that week’s class topic
  • Access to the class recording for 5-days to make sure that if you can’t attend live, you can catch up before next weeks’ class to ensure we’re all at the same learning tempo
  • Two fun assignments which will help you to put your class learning’s to practice with feedback and encouragement from your instructor, Cordelia
  • A fun virtual pot luck so that you can break bread with your class peers
  • A final mini-exam to demonstrate the fundamentals of holistic nutrition that you’ve learnt


Bonus: Free e-booklet for graduates entitled “Balanced Nutrition: A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach”

Upon Completion: Certificate granted upon successful completion

Please join Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist,  and Instructor of the Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition, Cordelia, to ask any question you may have about the class before joining. Cordelia will share the class syllabus with you and is happy to share a cup of tea with you as she answers your questions. No pre-registration is needed, simply click on the link for the day and time that you’d like to join.




Query Call: Still have some questions? Not a problem. Follow this link to book in for 10-mins to chat with Cordelia directly regarding your questions before registering for the FOHN.

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