Why join TheCIINDE?

We are an innovative organization dedicated to improving whole health and well-being for both nurses and their clients. Our vision is to facilitate and advocate for the advancement of holism and healing in nursing practice. We believe that nurses—especially those with advanced skills in holistic nursing and nurse coaching—can be key influencers in preventing disease, promoting optimal health and well-being, and in guiding others in bringing joy and balance into their lives.


TheCIINDE is pleased to welcome:

  • Registered nurses
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Licensed/registered practical nurses
  • Retired nurses
  • Allied healthcare professionals
  • Alumni

Membership Options

  • 1 year – $95.00 (per year, plus applicable taxes)
  • Students— $50.00 (per year, plus applicable taxes)
  • Retired Nurses— $ 60.00 (per year, plus applicable taxes)
  • Alumni — $ 47.50 (per year, free first-year post-grad)
    No Refunds!

Membership Benefits

Professional Growth & Networking

At TheCIINDE (pronounced The KIND), we believe that by coming together to share our unique talents, collective wisdom, and varying perspectives we can initiate positive change in both our own lives and the lives of those we care for. Deeper connections to self and others are instrumental in fostering a life of wholeness, balance, and joy.

Our goal is to provide a community for those who are ready for a mind-shift, who know their way of being is changing and expanding, and who are searching for a brave safe space to explore, challenge, and elevate their vision for the future.

Benefits of Becoming a CIINDE Member

  • be mentored and coached by our highly-skilled, passionate and dedicated faculty
  • build meaningful lifelong connections with fellow members and graduates
  • gain deeper insight into holistic health concepts
  • learn coaching strategies to enhance therapeutic relationships
  • learn strategies and mindsets that foster self-development
  • unleash the mystery of independent practice and learn basic business development skills
  • learn about the true concept of self-care or nurturance including personal blocks that keep you from engaging in self-care
  • attend a variety of free workshops and webinars on topics such as, but not limited to:
    • holistic nutrition
    • living your authentic self
    • success stories from nurse entrepreneurs
    • achieving and sustaining improved health & well-being
    • maximizing your personal and professional potential
    • energy medicine
    • spirituality
    • indigenous healthcare
    • women’s health
    • complementary therapies
    • healing circles
    • cannabis as a healing plant
    • mindfulness and self-compassion
    • attracting your dream client
    • healing environments
    • global health
    • palliative & bereavement services
    • and, more!

Your Membership Also Includes

  • regular newsletters
  • access to resources
  • networking and team-building through a private members-only discussion group
  • invitations to special events throughout the year



  • 50% off one 45-min coaching session per year, valued at $100.00 (your offering $50.00)
  • 10% off special events such as conferences and retreats
  • 10% off supplementary courses listed on our website (excludes the Comprehensive Certificate Program)
  • 10% discount on 1 one-hour coaching session every 6 months

Special Events & Features

  • Invitations to Healing Circles
  • Be featured in Member-of-the-Month
  • Receive quarterly newsletter
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