At the CIINDE, we honour our graduates, and are committed to creating a global community of nurses who will support and inspire one another! As we collectively revive the heART of nursing, we envision a world where nurses honour nurses, support one another, and are advocates for adopting a lifestyle where self-care is a part of everything that they do. We truly believe that there is nothing more powerful than when inspired nurses come together.

We are excited to share with you what our Alumni of the Comprehensive Holistic Nurse and Coaching Certificate Program are doing since graduating from the program. 

Dana Clay - Stepping Stones Health and Wellness

Kelly Flanagan

My name is Kelly with Prairie Rose Holistic Nurse Services and I am here to be your holistic nurse coach & consultant. 

A little bit about myself, I’ve been a Manitoba Registered Nurse (Bachelor of Nursing) for 14 years and was a paramedic for 9 years previous to that. I have experience in emergency, ICU, flight, and nursing in remote northern communities.  I began exploring holistic nursing in 2021 where I obtained certification in Complementary Holistic Nurse Coaching & Consulting as well as learning about various complementary integrated modalities. Through this, I am privileged to provide health and wellness coaching and consulting to individuals looking to enhance their well-being. I believe this is greatly needed in our current healthcare system. 

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Holism is viewing ourselves through a whole-person lens, where each aspect is as important as the next, while nurse coaching & consulting combines the tenets of the nursing profession with coaching techniques and theory. This is a great combination to enhance your wellness if you are interested in marrying Western medicine with complementary integrated modalities. 

As a holistic nurse coach & consultant, I will work together with you to discover how you can heal and improve your overall wellness. We will explore your strengths, abilities, and goals all through the tenants of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual domains. I am available to work individually with clients and with other practitioners who wish to refer or consult a holistic nurse coach for their clients.  My service is cultural and LGTBQ2S+ inclusive and trauma-informed. 

I believe in a world where individuals may gain more control and confidence over their health and well-being by using their own skills, strengths, and uniqueness. I would love to be a part of your journey and help you discover your path to wellness!

Dana Clay - Stepping Stones Health and Wellness

Dana Clay

Hi, I am Dana Clay and a graduate of the CIINDE Cohort #2 in September 2021. Since then, I have taken the leap from a stable permanent Nurse Practitioner position to creating an independent Nurse Practitioner practice where I have the freedom to incorporate holistic nursing and coaching along with other complementary modalities. And I have NO REGRETS! 

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A little background first. I have always been interested and drawn to alternative therapies and healing methods. But I also loved science, particularly biology and concepts of quantum physics. So, I completed a degree in Biology then moved onto nursing and received my nursing degree in 2004. While nursing in acute care, I took training in Reiki and later, BodyTalk – both hands on healing methods, which I love. However, I struggled how to combine the two and therefore have always had two jobs: nursing and alternative healing. After 18 years, I was getting to the point of wanting to leave nursing because I was tired of coming home defeated, unfulfilled, frustrated, and confined in what I was allowed to do. Then, I found the CIINDE program – finally, a program that resonated so deeply with who I am and what I believe in – a program that celebrates and acknowledges the importance of the body, mind, and spirit. Needless to say, it has truly changed my life.  By learning applicable nursing theories/concepts that make sense in everyday life, and utilizing easy to use resources, I applied them to my life and have become a better nurse, wife, stepmother, daughter, and friend. Those of you that have taken the course will understand ‘the gift of the pause’. That gift has allowed me to learn to listen in a different way, not only when interacting with others, but more importantly when listening to myself. Those pauses have allowed me to listen to the guidance to create the changes needed to get me where I am today.

So, since graduating from the CIINDE program on September 20, 2021, I opened my private practice doors November 18, 2021, and haven’t looked back. I spend quality time with patients, really listening to their stories, talking about what their health and wellness goals are, make a plan, and incorporate tradition medicine with alternate healing modalities into the appointment as needed. I am practicing in a holistic way, and I LOVE IT!!

Not only did we have amazing leaders that shared their wisdom and gifts but also their vulnerability, honesty, struggles and triumphs – Thank you Sherry, Kim, Tracy, Janessa, Jill, and Janet. And to my fellow cohorts and nurses – I loved sharing stories, laughter, and tears – much healing happened with every session – without judgement, in a safe space and full of compassion. For that, I am eternally grateful. So, for anyone on the fence about taking this program, it is a wise investment for your career, your health, and overall, well being – you will come out if it with a better perspective and a new outlook on life.

Jennifer Glass

Jennifer Glass

My name is Jennifer Glass. I’m an RN, Certified Holistic Nurse Coach and owner of Conscious Heart Nursing. I have specialized in cardiac surgery and cardiology for 20 years and currently nursing within our Regional Cardiac Care Program. Before becoming a Registered Nurse, I had a passion for holistic healing including nutrition and herbalism, body work, and spiritual care, including energy healing. As a cardiac nurse, I am acutely aware of how strong yet vulnerable our heart truly is.

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It’s not just our plumbing and electricity. We also associate love, emotional connection, and grief with our heart. It can be filled with joy and sorrow. It can become tired, feel broken, yet it’s excitable! It connects to our brain, and we can find countless ways our heart is represented in our lives. We often take our heart for granted until it speaks.

There is an urgent need for whole health advocacy and Nurse Coaching is a way to fill that gap. It seems that only one aspect of ones’ self is being served (which is necessary when we need it 100% and I’m grateful for) but not the whole person. This can leave us feeling chronically stressed and stuck. For so many, being human feels so complicated! We all need to be seen, feel heard, and be nourished in all aspects of our lives.

In early 2021 I completed The Comprehensive Holistic Nurse and Nurse Coaching Certificate Program through the ( This has afforded me the ability to nurse with purpose. Are you seeking spiritual support? Perhaps your Dr. has recommended you try stress management, make some lifestyle or dietary changes? Or maybe you’re looking to dig a little deeper while dealing with new or ongoing challenges in your daily life. I will support you on this journey, knowing that you are the expert in your life. My coaching includes using Emotional Freedom Technique, and connecting to plant wisdom and herbal education to assist with overcoming difficulties and personal resets. Holistic nurse coaching is heart filled and evidence based. My approach is compassionate, curious and I will create a comforting space where true healing can occur. I believe when we tap into our own inner wisdom we grow exponentially. We will work collaboratively so that you can live in alignment with your true purpose and optimal health. We don’t want to just survive, we want to THRIVE.

I love to learn and share new modalities with clients and colleagues. In 2018 I became a Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Consultant ( helping children, parents and adults reduce their symptoms of anxiety, and a variety of learning challenges through reflex integration and body awareness. I am currently completing a HeartMath certification for stress, anxiety and self regulation. Lastly, I’m working towards my certification through Rosemary Gladstar’s The Science and Art of Herbalism program. This is a passion of mine and a very important area of holistic health. Health is so much more than the absence of disease. When I think about what balance actually means to me, I consider a pendulum, moving in continuous rhythm. Our mind, body, and spirit are always seeking to be in flow. In life there will be inevitable and preventable interruptions that want to disrupt that flow. Like a natural calibration system, our bodies are in constant communication with us. Where our focus goes, energy flows. Where do you put your attention? I have a strong belief that our spiritual, mental and emotional health is tied to our physical health outcomes. Nothing is separate.We need to listen to our bodies and trust our intuition. This is nursing in its purest form. We’re all part of the collective and we must stay curious about these connections. I believe that when we heal ourselves we heal each other on a greater scale, just like when the ocean tide rises, all the boats in the harbour rise together. I love working one on one with clients because it’s where all the good stuff happens, self awareness, growth and possibility.

Meg Knapp

Meg Knapp

Meg is a Registered Nurse in Saskatchewan. She first learned about holistic approaches to lifestyle and health care while acquiring her Bachelor’s of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia in 2006. After pursuing massage and gerontology studies, she completed her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan in 2015.

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Meg worked as a Community Health Nurse with Health Canada before taking an extended maternity leave, in which she had 3 babies. Meg recently completed the Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Nurse Coaching program from the CIINDE. She mentors women in motherhood, advocating for a holistic lifestyle at home for the family, and blogs at

She lives and homesteads in rural Saskatchewan with her husband and their 4 kids.

Meg Knapp

Pam Loong

Hi! I am Pam Loong, the owner of The Connected Nurse, independent nursing practice in St. Albert, AB.  I am a Registered Nurse, Nurse Coach, Reiki Master, accredited EFT level 2 practitioner, and have studied and trained in many other energy and healing modalities including flower essence therapy, Lightbody healing, and Soundtouch therapy (Created by Michele Marie Gervais). 

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I have adapted spiritual teachings to develop my own system of akashic record “Guided Energy Release” to identify blocks in our current lives that stem from unresolved lessons and patterns in past lifetimes. I offer services by zoom and/or in-person visits. 

As a holistic nurse, I go deeper than traditional disease-focused nursing care, and tend to the spirit- our connection to Self, others, and environment. I wholeheartedly believe that spiritual care is a health behaviour. When we are disconnected from our deepest desires, our soul callings, or intuition, we may experience dis-harmony, or dis-ease. When we are fully committed to our soul growth and lead with spirit, we feel connected and purposeful. Recognizing our spiritual needs are just as vital to living as our physical and emotional needs. Pain in our spirit can affect our physical and emotional health. By supporting all aspects of the person, we can find optimal health, balance, and fulfilment in all areas of our life. The combination of nurse coaching, EFT and spiritual care has helped my clients address physical and spiritual pain on a deeper root level for lasting relief. I provide spiritual support, guidance, mentoring and energy healing. Addressing un-serving patterns helps us to move forward in our lives with confidence, strength, and clarity. 

I also support clients with adapting to prescribed care plans from other health care providers that may include changes to your lifestyle, diet, exercise, etc. I bring nursing knowledge and certification in a range of holistic healing modalities, and you are the expert in your life. Using the Nursing Process and a team approach, we work together to reach long- and short-term goals to make successful, lasting changes. We will identify root causes of disharmony, create a plan to address them, then evaluate how it’s working for you. We adapt it as necessary- this is your plan! It needs to fit your life, your values, and your schedule. It also needs to fit your ability to do the work and make the changes! You can expect a genuine, supportive healing relationship every time with the quality of registered nursing at the core. I will support you all the way.

I live in St. Albert with my husband and two young children. I love tea, dirt, everything crafty, and have developed a little obsession with watercolor painting. I believe that one’s success is everyone’s success. Because we are all connected, by healing our selves and our fellow humans, we are healing humanity as a whole. What a beautiful gift to ourselves, and our children! 

Please visit for more information, or to book an appointment. Find The Connected Nurse on IG, FB, and LinkedIn.

Meg Knapp

Kala Sanmartin

Kala graduated with her BScN from Grant MacEwan University in 2012. After graduating, she practiced in the community doing acute home care, was a clinical instructor for the U of A nursing program, and spent 8 years working in the emergency room in Edmonton, Alberta. 

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It wasn’t until 2015 that Kala discovered the natural healing powers of the cannabis plant when she was struggling with insomnia. She never looked back! After successfully navigating and trying cannabis, she finally experienced freedom from her insomnia. Ever since this experience Kala has been researching and educating herself about the cannabis plant and the endocannabinoid system.In 2018, Kala completed The Medical Cannabis Institute’s Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum. During 2021 in 2022, Kala completed The Canadian Consortium of the Investigation of Cannabinoids; Radicle Health courses; Cannabis Competent Nurse Certification;  CNA Non-Medical Use of Cannabis Curriculum; and, Dr. Michelle Ross’s Cannabis and Motherhood Course. In 2022, Kala graduated from The Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Nurse Coaching Certificate Program through The Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education Ltd. (c).  and carries the title Certified Holistic Nurse Coach.
Kala created her independent practice–The Cannabis Nurses–in 2021, as part of a mission to provide holistic nursing support to those starting on their cannabis journey and for those already on their journey. Like herself, many individuals come to cannabis in a broken and vulnerable state, and as their last resort . It is Kala‘s vision to hold space and provide empowering education about cannabis and the endocannabinoid system while walking alongside these individuals, as they begin to incorporate cannabis into their lives. Kala helps individuals find a regime that is as unique as they are, allowing them to have better quality of life and alleviate their sufferings. Alongside the one on one consultations for the public, Kala also works with Veterans through Veteran’s Affairs Canada providing holistic cannabis nursing support. Kala also offers a free zoom monthly Canna Queens’ Club on the first Thursday of the month so women can come together and learn about the endocannabinoid system and the female body. As part of the Canna Queens’ club, Kala and her colleague Heather (a recreational therapist) offer CannaWare in-home retreats. CannaWare Retreats are for the modern day canna curious woman to learn how to increase her life storage needs through nourishing the endocannabinoid system and consciously consuming cannabis. Kala also works within the cannabis industry providing education, speaking at various events, and is part of a unique new company that is working toward revolutionizing cannabis products and cannabis care for Canadians.
In 2023, Kala is excited to be launching an Accredited Holistic Cannabis Nursing Program through The Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education Ltd. (TheCIINDE(c)).
Every day, Kala is grateful to be able to fulfill her scope of practice as a nurse in such a powerful way by teaching and empowering individuals in their cannabis use and nourishment of the endocannabinoid system. It is not uncommon for Kala to hear things like “this has been life-changing”, “I wish I would have started cannabis earlier”, “I am so grateful to have cannabis in my life”. It is a beautiful process watching individuals become independent in their cannabis dosing, and to be nourishing their endocannabinoid systems allowing them to find joy, freedom from suffering, and a better quality of life.
Kala currently resides in Strathcona County, AB with her two young boys and her husband.
“Holistic cannabis nursing is so much more than just teaching someone how to use cannabis. It is about teaching the individual to tap into their mind, body, and soul, and to learn what they need in that moment and then nourish their endocannabinoid systems from there using cannabis and other healthy behaviours. There is no pharmaceutical out there that puts this much emphasis on the individual to notice and respond to their doses and find an individual regime that works for them. Cannabis care is about empowering the individual to feel confident and competent in how they use cannabis as part of their wellness regime”
Meg Knapp

Coralee Johnson

Hi! I am Coralee Johnson, I am the founder and owner of Soul Harmony Nurse Coaching Inc. Following the journey of my own experience with compassion fatigue and burnout, I can now honestly say that I feel more rejuvenated, aligned, connected, and purposeful than I ever have before, but it hasn’t always been this way. Being on the frontlines, whether you are a stay-at-home-mom, a working professional with a family, a healthcare worker or caring for another soul with physical-mental-emotional needs, it helps to have someone who understands your circumstance. You have an immense capacity of love, empathy, compassion and understanding but we all can eventually burnout. Without being true to self, loving self, learning boundaries, and being connected to something larger, you can quickly become the recipient of caregiving. 

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Soul Harmony was created from many of the practices I sought for myself, taking a mind-body approach. We are all striving for more “work/life” balance, yet work seems to always come first. Balance is bull$hit! I believe harmony is the goal, there is no endpoint, there is no external measure, it comes from within. It is your soul in the flow, being able to stay connected to your soul, be present in your body, in this present moment, experiencing ANY emotion and be able to ride the wave and not be crushed by it. 

It is my mission to walk with you as you find your inner homeostasis, guided by your intuition, so you can know your own authority, authenticity and ultimately find soul harmony. Your pains, whether physical, mental or emotional are messages of what your body and life need and together we bring attention to whatever that is. I use the standards of Holistic Nursing and Nurse coaching as my main tool to serve you. In my practice I am also a Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath+Professional, Reiki practitioner (Usui Reiki Level II), as well show you how meditation, guided imagery and breathwork can be used to access your body’s innate healing. Your Nurse Coaching journey will be uniquely tailored and together we will co-create what works best for you. 

If you find yourself one day wondering “is this it”? Like you have nothing left to give, or feeling resentment and shame for the perplexing emotions you feel caring after others, yet there is nobody but you to do it, then know that you are not alone. I am here to hold the space for you while we navigate a path of healing for you. A life worth living is there for you, let’s go grab it!

A little bit about me, I have been a registered nurse for over 15 years, working in Intensive Care, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Labor & Delivery and have also worked in outpatient clinics in Internal Medicine, Rheumatology and the Regional Fertility Clinic. I live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband and 3 amazing kids. When I am not working with clients you will find me at a hockey rink with a hot cup of tea in my hands or out in the mountains, hiking, biking and skiing. I am passionate about learning so you may also find me nose deep in a book. I am always looking for great recommendations…do you have one?

I can be reached by email at or at (403) 669-9314. Find Soul Harmony Nurse Coaching Inc on Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin. Website coming soon!

Meg Knapp

Kerensa Pidwerbeski

Kerensa was among the first cohort to graduate from the CIINDE’s Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Coaching Certificate Program: An Integrative Approach To Holistic Care Of Self & Others. She continues her love of learning and completed Certification in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Level 1&2.

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Kerensa is a faculty member and student advisor for their Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Coaching Certificate Programs. In her current role of Integrative Palliation, Grief & Bereavement Programs Development and Instructor, she is co-developing a nursing program that will enrich the lives of nurses, patients and their families as they journey through end of life and beyond. Kerensa has been a registered nurse since 2005 with an extra certification in Hospice Palliative Care Nurse through the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA 2014). Other certifications include Grief support counseling, HolisticNurse Coaching, Intermediate Emotional Freedom Technique , Reiki, and Compassion Fatigue Professional. .

Kerensa  is owner and CEO of Together in Light. In her independent nursing practice she helps spiritually distressed women  transform their experiences and suffering with integrative practices so that they can align with health and wellness and live radiantly in their body in all environments and stages of life.  She brings a mixture of holistic practices and clinical/medical knowledge to her approach of care that helps others flourish. These tools include nurse coaching, narrative story,creative expression, meditation, energy healing -Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki, nature, and sound healing building a blueprint of compassionate self care that embraces the spiritual aspect that is often overlooked.  When we address spiritual distress and create mind~body~spirit connections, we function as a whole.  Ultimately, this practice helps her clients find relief from the deep soul pain such as grief, and trauma. She brings these tools in individual sessions, group sessions and corporate workplaces, helping create space for  wellness to occur. Being a light for others in her work and life holds great value, helping others to walk in their light holds just as much.

Brandi Cull

Brandi Cull

Hi! I’m Brandi Cull, former RN with experience in Mental Health & Addictions and creator of GreenThumb Nursing. My holistic healing journey began when my stress leave was denied because I refused the prescribed treatment protocol. This turned out to be one of the best things that could have happened to me.

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Instead, I followed my intuition and opted for natural healing modalities such as engaging with nature, yoga, intermittent fasting, play and cannabis therapy. This led me to discovering the endocannabinoid system (ECS), our body’s maestro that controls all other systems and functions to maintain homeostasis, as well as prevent disease and aging. I learned how and why the natural therapies I chose were supporting my ECS for optimal health and healing my body, mind and spirit. I’ve used this knowledge to shed 125lbs and heal from a lifetime of chronic pain, inflammation, PTSD, anxiety, and disordered eating.

I created GreenThumb Nursing to share what I’ve learned on my healing journey and to empower you to heal holistically as well. I offer holistic health coaching and cannabis coaching services as well as education and insights thru blogs and vlogs. Come learn with me as I explore fun, healthy topics such as how to make your own medicine and skin care products, holistic fitness tips, and removing all the toxicity that is dysregulating your ECS so you can also live your best life!

Brandi Cull

Madison Nobbs

Madison Nobbs, RN is a Registered Nurse with 10 years experience, specialised in health care delivery, operations and compliance including ketamine assisted therapy (KAT) and psychedelic assisted therapy via Health Canada’s Special Access Program.

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She is the manager of programming at Psy Integrated Health, a benefit corporation supporting independent health and wellness centres to develop capacity and innovate in the integrative and transformative health spaces. Madison is the current Executive Director of the not-for-profit, the Ketamine Assisted Therapy Association (KATA) of Canada, an organisation focused on accessibility to KAT. She is a mentor to other nurses who want to work in the psychedelic field and believes that nurses have a major role to play in advocating for accessibility, in creating community, in health promotion and in empowering individuals.

Brandi Cull

Samara Lewis

Hi there! My name is Samara and I am a Registered Nurse, a Certified Holistic Nurse Coach, and the owner of Samara Lewis Holistic Nurse Coaching & Consulting. Helping people be the best versions of themselves has always been a passion of mine. Ironically, all the while I was building my career and taking care of my family, I neglected myself all along the way. It took a big ole burnout for me to realize at what cost all of my “success” had come. During my healing journey, I found a warm, welcoming and safe environment in the CIINDE.

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I’ve learned so much from the program not only about myself as a nurse but how amazing the nursing profession is and the world of opportunity available to us as nurses if we just believe in ourselves and the power and influence we have to help people in different and creative ways.
Through my business, I aim to support and partner with individuals who are ready to reclaim their power in their holistic health. I focus highly on the thought process in successful goal attainment, healthy mindsets, and getting back to the basics of self-care and self love.

Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education

Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Nurse Coaching Certificate Program: An Integrative Approach to Holistic Care of Self & Others