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Are you a nurse interested in…

  • holistic health & health promotion
  • learning unique coaching skills that empower clients
  • being a facilitator of healing for self & others
  • being at the forefront of change
  • enhancing your bedside practice, or
  • starting an independent practice as a holistic health and wellness nurse coach

Most nurses are drawn to the profession because of their caring nature–one that often extends far beyond the bedside. Add the pressure to perform beyond their means and many nurses find themselves caring for others in lieu of caring for themselves. This results in extreme burn-out and career dissatisfaction, with many leaving nursing the profession altogether and others retiring earlier than desired.


Nurses matter too!

We show nurses that self-care is not selfish. In fact, it is about self-responsibility. Adopting a lifestyle steeped in self-compassion and self-care allows nurses to show up differently for themselves and for those they care for.

Achieving and sustaining optimal health and wellness requires commitment. This often means changes to one’s lifestyle, behaviors and thought patterns. Our Holistic Nurse & Coaching Certificate Program begins with you, the nurse!

Enhance your overall sense of well-being through new ways of being and doing including practices that build resilience, reduce stress and induce calm while nourishing your mind-body and spirit.

Using a whole-care approach that integrates complementary therapies is empowering for both nurse and client and reinforces the innate healing abilities that lie within us all.

Honoring Nurses first!


Caring for ourselves allows us to better care for others!

By emphasizing care of self first, Holistic Nurses are committed to being role models and facilitators of healing for themselves, as well as others. Wright (2010) reminded us that self-reflection brings forth an energy and passion that not only results in personal growth and fulfillment, but is also instrumental in preventing burn-out and improving the quality of care nurses provide!

Our programs are developed by nurses, in honor of nurses, because we know that healthy happy nurses make heathier and happier clients.

References Wright, S. (2010, December). Commentary on “Light still shines in the darkness: Decent care for all.” Journal of Holistic Nursing, 28(4), 275-283.

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