Reviving the heART of caregiving…

At the Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education Ltd. (TheCIINDE—pronounced The KIND), we recognize that providing care places a high demand on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources. In an overtaxed healthcare system, nurses are reporting unhealthy stress levels, burn-out and life/job dissatisfaction at alarming rates.

A rapidly aging population is placing tremendous pressure on a healthcare system that is already struggling to meet the needs of Canadians; and nursing, as a profession, is suffering…

Holistic Nurses/Coaches employ advanced skills and approaches that build resilience; incorporate mindfulness; and, use coaching strategies that empower others to be ambassadors for their own health and healing.

Caring for ourselves allows us to better care for others!

TheCIINDE Mission Statement:

It is our mission to promote and advocate for a holistic care approach that integrates eastern and western philosophies beginning first with the health and well-being of the nurse.

Our goal is to revive the heART of nursing by providing nurses with education, community, support and the essential tools needed to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of those they serve.

We believe that all individuals deserve care that respects and honors individual needs and choices; acknowledges the role of environment, culture, social connection, the intricate connection between mind-body-spirit, and the healing process; and, is grounded in evidence-informed/based research and practice.

Our programs and services are grounded in evidence, clinical knowledge and tools designed to enhance the overall well-being of both nurse and client.

Using a whole-care approach that integrates complementary therapies is empowering for both nurse and client and reinforces the innate healing abilities that lie within us all.

TheCIINDE Vision Statement:

We envision a world where nurses actively incorporate holistic approaches to self-care thereby acting as role models for both inpatients and those in communities, to prevent illness and promote optimal health and wellness.

Sherry Hole

Founder & Lead Instructor

Sherry Hole, RN BN MN Board-Certified Holistic Nurse (BC-HN), Board-Certified Health & Wellness Nurse Coach (BC-HWNC), and Registered Integrative Mental Health Coach (RIHC), Writer, Mentor and Nurse Educator.

Sherry is the founder, president and lead instructor of The Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education Ltd (TheCIINDE).

Sherry earned her diploma in nursing from the Aberdeen School of Nursing in 1991. Over the past 28 years she has practiced in areas such as medicine, surgery, psychiatry, addictions, long-term and chronic care, administration, community nursing, and nursing education. She continued her education receiving her Degree in Nursing in 2007, and a Master of Nursing/Nurse Educator stream in 2010. Sherry also has a Certificate in Mental Health Nursing from the University of New Brunswick (UNB), a Diploma in University Teaching from UNB, and was certified as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse for 5 years through the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) in 2011. She is also a Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor for Adults who work with Youth.

Sherry’s teaching experience includes working as a Local Facilitator with the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia (CRNNS), Pharmacology and Lab Instructor with the Bridgewater Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), and Senior Nursing Instructor with the University of New Brunswick (UNB).

CIINDE – Sherry Hole
In 2015, Sherry became an Executive Board Member with the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association (CHNA)—the first international chapter of the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA)—and has held various positions on the board including Secretary, Vice-President, and her current position as Professional Policy & Standard’s Officer. Her most recent project was leading the revision and development of the new Canadian Holistic Nursing Standards of Practice.

Through both nursing experiences and personal health challenges, Sherry has developed a deep passion and respect for: the mind-body-spirit-environment connection; holistic modalities and interventions; mindfulness and mental health; and, self-compassion and self-care. She believes with the right support and guidance everyone has the innate ability and inner wisdom to heal from within.

Drawing on her experiences as well as her training as an Integrative Mental Health Coach, a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse and Board-Certified Health & Wellness Nurse Coach, Sherry’s goal is to honor each individual’s unique experience with illness and health while offering guidance and support during their journey to optimal health & wellness.

Sherry’s passion for holistic healing and her vision of world where eastern and western medicine collaborate inspired her to create TheCIINDE. She believes that we need holistic nurses and nurse coaches in our communities where they can guide, support and mentor people in achieving and sustaining healthy wholesome lifestyles.

Sherry feels blessed every day for the dedicated team of heart-centered nurses and other healthcare professionals who have connected with her and joined her on this important journey.

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