I absolutely can’t say enough about the Ciinde program and would love to share with the world what I’ve learned.  I would love to share my experience with [future students] if It means more [nurse] coaches and more clients having access to holistic care. Thanks so much for your well wishes and feedback, it was very encouraging and clear you took genuine care in learning about my experience. I have felt the attentiveness and understanding of the Ciinde Faculty throughout this program and couldn’t be more grateful.

Angela Wilkins


The CIINDE and the Institute provide excellent education on Holistic Nursing and health which can help prepare students to sit for the holistic nursing certification examination.

Margaret Erickson


Through this program (reflection), I have made the revelation that I can enjoy life right now…I have learned to incorporate micro-moments throughout the day…simply noticing my breath, the sounds around me, the feeling of my feet on the floor. I do quick body scans that help me notice and release where I am carrying tension (shoulders and jaw). I take time to be grateful, to notice the wonderful things around me…the immediate sense of calm I get when I get out of my mind [and, into my heart space] is truly amazing! I recognise that I have a finite amount of energy in my day and worrying about others–not being present–is detrimental to my own health. I am learning that life is meant to be lived now, that true peace, happiness, and calm are available now…it takes a shift in perception, a slowing down, and a sense of allowing.

This course has been the much-needed mirage in my desert-dry nursing career, and for that, I’m very grateful. This learning experience has created a sacred space for us nurses to “put our hair down” and feel the feelings and emotions that come with the profession. In my opinion, as we thaw out our sometimes hardened exterior and truly take in this experience as our authentic self, an internal shift occurs within us and would forever change the way we practice personally and professionally forever.
Lilian Cheung

An area where I have seen growth for me since beginning this course is in the fourth step of the 6-Steps to Investing in YOU: Self-Acceptance, Allowing & Transcending. The right to love and be loved starts with nourishing and loving oneself…my ‘sacred power’ is to remember the feeling of unconditional love and to make it more powerful than the voice of the inner critic and decrease the power or hold of limiting beliefs. Becoming more aware of this kind of thinking has definitely helped me connect self-love behaviors with healthy behaviors as they relate to optimizing my physical health and well-being. Being able to speak my story of my journey as a nurse and its impact on my physical health and well-being has been heightened in very positive ways during this course. This process has left me with an over-riding sense of “OKness”…I don’t know if this is even a word; however, it is what comes to mind as I move through this part of the journey with TheCIINDE Program(c). Initially, I wasn’t sure how all the components would work in this course/assignment…I decided to trust the process…what I discovered is that this openness has allowed me to express at a deeper level…the nurse coaching process has somehow allowed me to access some emotional layers that I had thought I had already peeled away! I was not prepared for some of the places that I went [during this process]. This is new territory for me; however, I feel safe in doing this work with my [dyad] partners. I don’t think I was aware of the power of this assignment until I wrote it up. I can definitely see the benefit of this approach for myself as well as helping clients in the future.


Self-reflection is such an insightful process and truly a great service to self. The Self-Reflective Journaling Exercise in the Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Coaching Certificate Program takes on a gentle and soft nurturing approach”. Finding self-compassion was a game changer for me. Softness, gentleness, settling in…this use to sound so weak to me! I have learned that self-compassion is true strength and I no longer think of it as selfish. Self-care has been transformed from spa days and hair salons to the everyday practice of choosing the thing that best nurtures my mind, body, and spirit. The Reflective Journal Workbook was the tool that allowed me to truly see with my eyes wide open!

Melissa Jardine-Ridley

… suddenly things clicked and I could see where this all might be taking me. I have been searching and asking and praying for clarity, and I have received an answer! I LOVE travelling and learning about other cultures… As a child, I dreamed that one day I would be travelling and helping people in faraway lands..I believe this is what led me to nursing. I had no intention of becoming a nurse, but on a whim applied and received my acceptance 2 weeks before classes started. It was a similar occurrence with the TheCIINDE. I was attracted to the holistic nursing part of the program, but not really the coaching part of it, but I decided to just go for it. Now I have this vision of me moving my family to another country in ~5 years (possibly in South America) and using coaching to work with local women to identify their health needs and help them develop strategies and programs to improve the health of their community. When I think about this it feels scary, exciting, hard, but right. I honestly don’t think I would have gotten to this point or realization for a long time were it not for the self reflection, the conversations I’ve had with Dyad partners, and the work I have been doing as a result of this program!

Katie R.

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into the course and for the support you showed to the cohort during our time together. It was a really good course, and I am grateful for the experience and the friendships made along this journey.  Wishing you all the very best and greatest success with the next cohorts through. Proud to be a graduate of theCIINDE! Much appreciation!


Very proud to be part of the first group of graduates. I encourage anyone interested in Holistic Nursing and Nurse Coaching to go to TheCiinde and register for the next course! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!


It’s been an honour to be a part of the very first cohort and graduation class of the CIINDE’s Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Coach course, the premier program of its kind in Canada. Thank you to the incredible faculty, my colleagues and now friends that I made along the way. A love of learning is one of my strengths and self-care tools, so being 27 weeks pregnant to having a 9 week old infant during this process was actually, quite perfect. It’s pushed me to grow in ways I needed, and I feel that growth in all of my family members! Here’s to the future of nursing, Holistic Nurses in Canada, and Nurse Coaching!


I’m proud to be a first cohort CIINDE graduate! Check out the amazing courses the CIINDE has to offer!


A part of history as graduates from a trailblazing institute set out to change the narrative! I was blessed to be coached by one of the graduates and if it is any reflection of the work The CIINDE is hoping to teach… then you will all leave a mark and help so many.


I am so honoured and proud to be a member of this inspiring group of women. But I’m mostly excited for the shifts we’re making to the Canadian nursing & healthcare professions. Follow TheCIINDE for all the latest news, events and updates in holistic nurse coaching or to see how you can get in on the movement! 

Holistic nursing to me means looking at and connecting to my patient as a whole being, talking with and not to them. I am a visitor within their experience, as I adapt my support of them in the ways that they as an individual need on their health care journey. At its foundation, it begins with a mind shift into what we are doing and how we do it and it is shaped organically within the relationship that is formed. I wanted to grow my nursing skills in the direction of coaching because I see it’s importance to our communities…[and] it certainly is possible to incorporate into hospital practice.

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