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    Admission Questions

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    Payment Options

    Exclusive Student Offer to Include Additional Courses at a discount

    For students interested in starting an independent nursing practice following graduation and/or enhancing the spiritual care for self and others, we are pleased to offer a discount of 50% off both the Business Development and Spirituality Courses when purchased with the Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Coaching Certificate Program.

    This is a total savings of $569.00 ($347.50 for the Business Development Course and $222.00 for the Spirituality Course).

    You can visit the education page of our website to learn more about these courses.

    **If you decide not to continue the comprehensive program and receive a refund, you will be responsible for the remaining 50% for the supplemental courses purchased in the bundle.

    Coming Soon!

    TheCIINDE has been working diligently to provide additional content and educational opportunities. We are excited to share what is coming up and the potential streams that will be offered in the near future. Please check off any that you are interested in exploring and we will share details in the upcoming months.

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    Additional Offerings of Interest

    Please share what would peak your interest in the future in terms of courses or other offerings.
    (i.e. a membership that offered live self-care classes; a course in essential oils; a conference and retreat, etc.)

    Course Start Date

    I have read and understand the Terms & Conditions (link opens in a new window).

    Permission Statement

    We like to capture special moments! These may be in the form of photographs, testimonials or poignant statements or testimonials shared by students in writing or in open discussion. Having said this, we would not share something personal in nature or that would be considered confidential (e.g. a personal story or struggle shared by a student).

    An example of a statement we would share is "developing a deeper sense of self-awareness was the missing piece in truly caring for myself", or "I have seen the magic that can happen when nurses use a holistic approach in the palliative care setting". The intention is to celebrate and showcase the important work you are all doing and the importance of holistic nursing and nurse coaching for both the nurse and their clients. Places we post are on our social mediaplatforms and in our newsletters, quarterly journals, website, etc. To give credit where credit it due, we like to add your name or initials.


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