This program is open to nurses residing in both Canada and the US. It is designed specifically for registered nurses, nurse practitioners and licensed or registered practical nurses, registered psyhiatric nurses; and, other nurses that hold an active nursing license.

Please refer to our website for a full list of programs and events accepting nurses and other healthcare professionals interested in deepening their understanding of holistic and integrative health philosophies and practice offered through TheCIINDE©.

Applicants of the Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Nurse Coaching Certificate Program, must demonstrate that they are in good standing with their respective licensing college or association.

Note: this does not apply to special interest or personal development courses of which only a certificate of attendance is issued.


TheCIINDE© reserves the right to deny admission to a student from the course/program/event if, in its reasonable opinion:

  1. it is determined that the student has presented false or misleading information that has the potential to negatively affect the student’s success
  2. it is determined that the student’s attendance presents a risk to the safety of others and/or the student
  3. it is determined that student’s attendance might impede the learning experience of others and/or the student
  4. it is determined that the student’s attendance might impede the success of the course/program or event
  5. it is determined through the application process that the student does not meet the criteria

Note: No tuition refund will be issued under this clause.

Tuition Payment/Refund Policy & Extensions

Payment for tuition may be made:

  1.  preferrably through the website payment portal (STRIPE) following acceptance into the program; or
  2. via, e-transfer directly to: info@theciinde.com
  3. via certified cheque or money order received PRIOR to commencement of the program. Send to the following address below :
    The Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education Ltd.
    P.O. Box 30004 Robie
    Robie Street, Truro
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    B2N 7J1.

Payment by a third party (participant responsible) – if your employer or another third party is paying your tuition, you agree to accept these terms and conditions on their behalf and remain responsible for all fees or payments due.


Tuition refers to course/program/event fees related to this program only.

  1. The following fees are not considered tuition fees, are non-refundable:
    a) student application/registration fees ($50.00 application fee)
    b) fees paid by TheCIINDE© on behalf of the student that are non-recoverable (Administration & Payment
    fees 5%).
    1c) the cost of any program material provided to the student not exceeding the cost of the material to
    TheCIINDE© (e.g. if TheCIINDE © provides a book or other item purchased by or provided by TheCIINDE
    of which TheCIINDE © ensued an expense.
  2. A full refund, including registration/application fees, will be issued if a program is canceled by TheCIINDE©. This does not include unforeseen circumstances where TheCIINDE© must postpone teaching and specifies a date and plan to re-offer the program (or, remaining part thereof) to the current students. Should a student not be able to return and can provide a valid reason, this will be taken into consideration and addressed on a case by case basis.
  3. Should a student withdraw before the program begins and before any instructional materials have been released, the student will receive a full-tuition refund according to the terms set out in 1) (a) (b) (c) of this section of the contract.
  4. Should a student withdraw once the program commences, no refund will be issued; however, if the student withdraws prior to Class 3, they have the option to return and complete the program with the next cohort. The following fees will apply:
    (a) a re-registration fee $50.00
    (b) an additional $500.00 tuition fee
    Please pay according to payment options above.
  5. If a refund is due, it will be issued no later than 14 days after withdrawal.


Students may request additional time to complete program or coaching hours past the date indicated to complete the program. The following fees apply to compensate for monitoring progress:

  1. 3-month extension = $ 450.00 + applicable tax (this is due and payable PRIOR to commencing the extension and following approval of extension)
  2. each additional month past 3 months = $ 200.00 per month + applicable tax (this is due and payable PRIOR to the beginning of each month’s extension) and following approval of extension.

Should a student desire an extension, a formal request must be submitted, by email, to their faculty advisor as soon as possible to allow for adjustments and other schedule considerations. Once approved, payment may be made via etransfer to info@theciinde.com or by contacing the Business Administrator. If paid by etransfer include in the etransfer details section Payment for extension from (include applicable dates).


Program Materials/Services provided by TheCIINDE ©:

  1. Student Handbooks/handouts (note: please do not share these with anyone outside the program. These are intellectual property of TheCIINDE© and thus subject to copyright laws)
  2. Login information and access to the educational platform for the duration of the program

Program Materials or Equipment the student must provide:

  1. Text and/or designated learning materials as indicated in the course syllabus
  2. Access to a computer and other equipment necessary (i.e. headset; etc.) for online engagement


  1. Pay in full prior to commencing the program (you will receive payment instructions — including link and
    password following acceptance into the program)
  2. Pay 50% prior to the beginning of program and remainder at the midway point (3 % financing


Unpaid or unresolved accounts are subject to a 1.5% late fee charge per month.


On our journey together, we ask that students commit to these six agreements:

  1. We agree to treat each other with compassion, kindness, and respect
  2. We are present and listen when others are speaking
  3. We recognize and honor the power of silence
  4. We recognize the innate healing power within us all and therefore, listen without
    ‘judgment’ or the need to ‘save’ or ‘fix’ each other
  5. We hold one another’s stories and experiences in confidence
  6. We agree to both ‘take’ and ‘give’ space to allow everyone an opportunity to share



Students are reminded that the proprietary information, including all programs, courses and related content are the academic property of TheCIINDE and all rights are reserved. Unauthorized use of photographic, sound or video equipment during course/programs or events will result in dismissal from the program. Students are prohibited from uploading, copying, sharing, reproducing, distributing, loaning, selling, copying or modifying and portion of the content and property. Misconduct will be taken seriously and is punishable by law.

Replication and/or use of any part of the BRANDING, including the name The Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education Ltd.; the acronym, TheCIINDE©; and,’ TheCIINDE© logo’, is strictly prohibited.

Graduates of the program are permitted to:

Indicate that they have attended TheCIINDE©, including reference to the appropriate designation received (i.e. Certificate in Holistic Nursing and Nurse Coaching) on resume, website and/or other promotional materials online and offline. Graduates may use the credentials CCHNC (CIINDE-Certified Holistic Nurse Coach). Students are encouraged to speak with their regulatory body about proper use of tile.

Upon graduation, students who choose to are eligible to apply to write the board certification through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC).

Access to the course material is granted for 1 year from the start of the program.

The student hereby agrees that, during the course of the program and up to 2 years following graduation, they will not engage in any business or work that directly competes with the company’s business activities.

Reference to any portion of this program must be appropriately acknowledged and/or used only with written permission from TheCIINDE ©. To request permission, please write to info@theciinde.com


It is our goal to establish an environment of mutual respect. We respect the privacy of all students. We expect our students to:

  1. Respect and maintain the privacy of other students and faculty. This includes anything shared in class or regarding any interactions with peers and/or faculty.
  2. Respect and not impinge on any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property of TheCIINDE© or other program participants.
  3. Refrain from engaging in any conduct or discourse-in writing, verbally or through actions-that disparages TheCIINDE©, its associates or fellow students. Such conduct will be considered a breach of trust and may be considered cause for dismissal.


TheCIINDE © agrees to maintain confidentiality with regards to items listed below, only providing access (when necessary and/or beneficial to the student) to Executive Members of TheCIINDE © (or, designates when necessary); and, at the request of the student, to a third party. Student request must be in writing.

  • Student files including application form and financial information
  • Other correspondence between the student and TheCIINDE ©


  1. Student success is the responsibility of the student.
  2. TheCIINDE© is not responsible for the progress and/or results of student participation and thereby offers no guarantee/warrantee of student’s success during or following completion of the program in terms of successful completion of the program; business success and/or earnings, and/or profit.


  1.  Students are encouraged to voice concerns to their instructor or appropriate faculty in a respectful manner with resolution as the intention.
  2.  If resolution is not achieved in STEP 1, the student should contact the CEO/president of TheCIINDE©.
  3. If resolution is not achieved in STEP 2, the CEO will facilitate a meeting with the Executive Team of TheCIINDE© and the student, to attempt resolution.


Students are expected to partake in all classes/class recordings to successfully complete the program.

  1. Should a student be unable to partake in a live class, student-dyad, or group activity they must notify the course instructor and/or their dyad student and/or group within a reasonable time frame so as not to impede the learning experience of others
  2. Certificates will be awarded only to students who successfully complete all program expectations, including course evaluations
  3. Certificates will be awarded within 30 days of notification that program requirements have been completed
  4. Students are responsible for initiating contact with their course advisor re make-up time/content missed, if difficulties arise


TheCIINDE© reserves the right to dismiss a student from the course/program/event if, in its reasonable opinion:

  1. it is determined that the student has presented false or misleading information that has the potential to negatively affect the student’s success
  2. it is determined that the student’s attendance presents a risk to the safety of others and/or the student
    it is determined that student’s attendance might impede the learning experience of others and/or the student it is determined that the student’s attendance might impede the success of the course/program or event
  3. the student is creating a hostile learning environment for other students
  4. Note: students dismissed from the program are not eligible for a refund of tuition, forgiveness of outstanding payments, or any associated fees.
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