TheCIINDE Student Graduate Blogs

We are excited to present this ever-expanding compilation of blogs where our students share their stories, their journeys, and their passion for holistic nursing and coaching. Be sure to visit often to learn more about this specialty area of practice and how nurses are changing the landscape of nursing practice. 

How Connecting To My Breath Helped Me Reconnect with Myself

Written By: Ceilidh Macdonald

Beyond Bubble Baths-Holistic Nurse Coaching as Self-Care

Written By: Amelie D. L. Samson

No longer feeling bad for feeling GOOD 

Written By: Brandi Cull 

Your Roadmap to Your Health Goal Success

Written By: Chanelle Shoff

Ok So I’m Gonna Say It

Written By: Connie McDonald

Bowen Pain Management and Holistic Nursing Practice

Written By: Janet Riley

Holistic Self Care-Herbal Nutrition for Health

Written By: Jennifer Glass

Story and Metaphor

Written By: Jill Doucet

Finding Anchor

Written By: Kerensa Pidwerbeski

Stress & Self Care

Written By: Kimberly Laforest

How theCIINDE Comprehensive Holistic Nurse Coaching Course Enabled Me to Have My Best Delivery Yet

Written By: Megan Knapp

What is Spiritual Practice?

Written By: Pamela Loong

Presence Is Your Power

Written By: Renee Miles

Appreciating a Driving Focus

Written By: Samantha Dunbar

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Written By: Samantha Brown

Caritas Process Used in a Difficult Conversation 

Written By: Sarah Crossley

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