Integrative Mental Health Coaching uses a holistic approach to assist clients struggling with mental, emotional and physical challenges by incorporating mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and increased self-awareness. Using a positive psychology approach, clients are encouraged to focus on solutions instead of problems.

The intent of Integrative Mental Health Coaching is to:

  • decrease stress that has an ill-effect on ones’ immune system and overall health and well-being
  • decrease symptoms of physical pain and illness caused by negative thoughts and emotions
  • teach mindfulness strategies to promote relaxation and create positive outcomes
  • enhance intuition and awareness of energetic and spiritual imbalances
  • gain a deeper understanding of food quality and choices and their effect on physical and mental health
  • explore and identify the internal and external environments and their effect on overall well-being

Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education

Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Nurse Coaching Certificate Program: An Integrative Approach to Holistic Care of Self & Others