Health & Wellness Coaching

Integrative Holistic Nurse Coaches use advanced assessment skills and tools proven to help you make positive changes in your physical and mental health and well-being,

Beginning with a Comprehensive Holistic Health and Wellness Assessment, you will be guided on a journey of self-discovery that will assist you in identifying your areas of challenge (including triggers), your strengths (often, unrecognized), and significant life-challenges.

Being present while engaging in powerful coaching questions (for reflection and insight towards identifying your goals) and cognitive behavioral strategies (to assist in seeing the opportunity that presents in everyday challenges) you and your Integrative Holistic Nurse Coach co-create a plan-of-action that is unique to you as an individual.

Your Integrative Holistic Nurse Coach is available to you throughout the process to answer questions, and evaluate, modify and celebrate in your success!

Coaching Packages
  • 3-Months
  • 6-months
  • On-going

Most coaching services are offered over the phone or online via video-conferencing.

This allows our coaches to work with people around the world!

Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education

Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Nurse Coaching Certificate Program: An Integrative Approach to Holistic Care of Self & Others