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Kimberly Derkach is a Senior Vice President, founding executive board member and faculty at The Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education Ltd. She is a Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Certified Medical Intuitive, and has studied and trained in many other energy and healing modalities including Shamanism, Celestial and Intuitive healing and journeying.

Kim earned her degree in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan, where she is now a faculty member and instructor at the College of Nursing. Kim’s nursing experience has been specialized in the areas of neuroscience, neurosurgery, education, special needs, pediatrics, community caregiving, geriatrics, chronic care, and mental health and wellness.

Through both personal health challenges and her nursing experience, Kim became passionate about holistic health and sharing her story through mental health advocacy, grief empowerment, and holistic healing modalities. She learned to heal her body, mind and spirit by balancing her work life, spending time in nature, nourishing her body and implementing daily breath, meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, faith and energy-based practices.

Kim believes that healing is the most unique and authentic process we will ever undergo. It relates specifically to our stories, our patterns, our fears, our trauma, our belief systems, our thoughts, our ancestors, our lineage and our energetic programming that has been the sum, the totality of every single existence, choice, lesson and experience we have ever had. Therefore, she believes we should not compare any aspect of our journey to anyone else’s and to recognize how personal your journey is. There are many paths to healing. There is no right or wrong path. There is just your path, and it’s perfect for you. We are each so bio-energetically different that our response to medications, diet, supplements and lifestyle will all be so radically individualized and that is okay.

When Kim met Sherry Hole, the founder of TheCIINDE she felt incredibly grateful to connect with another nurse who shared her love and passion for holistic nursing. Kim feels so blessed to be living out her passion and mission through TheCIINDE and is excited to bring holistic nursing and nurse coaching not only to Canada, but to the world!

Kim has been an Executive Board Member of the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association since 2018. She currently serves as the Education Officer, where she draws upon her varied experience in educational roles and background as a holistic nurse. Kim has a deep passion and desire to share Holistic Nursing education with the world.

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In 2020, Kim co-founded The Life is Worth Living Way, an organization focused on cultivating community and connection by sharing stories. Sharing our stories allows us to experience personal growth, resilience and provides an opportunity to explore and celebrate the way we want to live. The LIWL way was inspired by the loss and grief the founders experienced in losing their siblings at a young age. Through sharing and connecting with other they were able to find meaning and support in their grief; something they wish everyone can experience. Through programs, digital content, community, and resources Kim and her co-founders teach others how to embrace living the life is worth living way.

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Kim believes that in order for true healing to occur one must consider all levels of healing; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. At times when one aspect is out of balance all areas may suffer. From this integrated approach, she assists others to build self-compassion, resiliency and embrace their own story. As a Nurse Kim recognizes that every illness has a story, but that we also always have the opportunity to rewrite our story. Together we can support each other as we grow and heal. Community is powerful medicine.

Kim’s mission is to lead you back home to yourself so you can reclaim your inner wisdom while developing a healthy, loving relationship with yourself.

Her intention is to provide you with a variety of tools, techniques and resources that you can use to live a more authentic, peaceful and joy-filled life.

“A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself”


“The miracle of holistic healing never ceases to amaze me and drives me to grow each day personally and professionally. My belief is all of us are the sum of our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual parts and at times when one aspect is out of balance all areas suffer. From this integrated approach, I help clients find their own strengths, and build resiliency.”

Kim Derkach

Create a Life that Supports the Balance of Body, the Calm of the Mind, and the Empowerment of the Spirit

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