Janet Riley has been a Registered Nurse since l984 and has been offering Bowen Therapy as a part of her nursing practice since 2001. Her experience prior to being a nurse in independent practice includes orthopaedic surgery, geriatric rehabilitation and outpost nursing in the high Arctic (Nunavut).

Janet is very excited to be part of such a talented and educated faculty of nurses bringing forth innovative knowledge and skills to holistic nursing practice.

She has been a Bowenwork/Bowtech® instructor since 2010 teaching across Canada. As a Senior Instructor with the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, she offers up to and including certification as a Bowenwork® practitioner as well as post certification courses including an approved CEU course for international instruction called “Energetic Assessment for the Bowenwork® Practitioner, Transform your Bowen Practice without Transforming Bowen.

Her education and training in complementary therapies dates back forty years including meditation, energy therapies, herbalism and End of Life Doula training with Conscious Dying Institute and Douglas College.

In the late 80’s she was the Ayurvedic Nurse at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre in Ottawa, Ontario where she trained staff in Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapies and worked with the resident doctor and visiting vaidyas (Ayurvedic physicians) from India.

She currently resides in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

To learn more about Bowen Therapy and Janet’s training program, read below:

“Of all the therapies I have been trained in and worked with in my practice, Bowen therapy is the most consistently effective approach to acute and chronic pain management that I have known. What I am able to offer my patients in terms of mental, emotional and physical effects makes it an exciting therapy to practice and to teach. I encourage anyone who truly wants to help people on their path to improved health to consider this training program”.

Janet Riley


In 14 days of training over a period of at least six months, you will learn a comprehensive health system that will enable you to aid the recovery of a large range of conditions including mental, emotional and physical imbalance. You will learn procedures that balance the body overall via the autonomic nervous system plus a range of procedures that address specific areas of the body for a more localized effect. As an adjunct to nurse coaching this therapy can address the physical concerns that can impact their state of health on an emotional and mental level. Due to its holistic nature, this approach can also address the physical symptoms that may have occurred as a result of an emotional impact or trauma.

The Bowen procedures are taught in seven modules, each 16 classroom hours long. The modules must be taken in sequence as each one reviews and builds on what was taught previously. These modules are generally taught in two consecutive days each, over a period of six months or more, with a maximum of two modules taught back-to-back. Requirements for taking Module 7 include satisfactory completion of the written assessments and case study requirements at Modules 3 through 6. The content of each module is standard in every country where Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia accredited instructors teach.

Every module includes:

  •  Demonstration of each procedure, with detailed explanation of anatomical landmarks
  • Explanation and discussion of the procedures and indications for their use
  • Detailed notes, with photographs and anatomical diagrams
  • Extensive supervised hands-on practice, with feedback from the instructor(s)
  • Ample review of procedures taught in previous modules

Practical and written assessments, with individual feedback, are given in Modules 3 through 6. You will also be required to submit written case studies throughout the program as you learn and integrate the therapy. You will receive feedback from the instructor on your choice of procedures, the amount of procedures done and other aspects of your work as indicated in your reports.



Accreditation requires passing the Module 7 assessment and submitting proof of the following additional requirements:

  • A recognized qualification in Anatomy and Physiology (included in your nursing education)
  • Experience running a business or a business course
  • A current First Aid and/or CPR certificate

To maintain certification, practitioners are required to take a minimum of four days (32 contact hours) of BTAA approved courses every two years. Post certification courses are offered by Bowen Training Academy up to and including Module 10 as well as the “Energetic Assessment for the Bowenwork® Practitioner”

Module One
Learn the history, principles and philosophy of Bowen therapy. Learn and practise procedures for the lower back, upper back, neck, kidneys and head.

Module Two
Learn and practise procedures for the hamstring, shoulders and respiratory system. Outline client management techniques and develop case management protocol. Review Module one material.

Module Three
Learn and practise procedures for the pelvis, sacrum, elbow, wrist and knee. Review Module One and Two material with written and practical assessment.

Module Four
Learn and practise procedures for the upper respiratory system, TMJ, ankles, hammer toes, bunions and infant Bowen. Review Module One to Three material with written and practical assessment.

Module Five
Learn and practise case management protocol, procedures for the coccyx, chest, shoulder and gallbladder. Review Module One to Four material with written and practical assessment.

Module Six
Learn and practice procedures for sciatic and perineal pain. Apply procedures and protocol for infertility and bedwetting. Review Module One to Five material and demonstrate achieved competency through a written and practical assessment and submission of ten case studies.

Module Seven
Successful completion of Module seven results in certification. This module is a cumulative review and thorough assessment of the material taught in the first six modules both written and practical.


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