Within the program we use the acronym CIINDE C.O.N.S.U.L.T. as a framework to guide your consulting approach.

CIINDE Stands for:
C – Compassion
I – Integration
I – Innovation
N – Nurturing
D – Diversity
E – Education

CONSULT Stands for:
C – Collaboration & Team Work
O – Outcome Measurement and Evaluation:
N – Needs Assessment and Customization
S – Sustainability and Resilience
U – Utilize Technology and Resources
L – Leadership and Role Modeling
T – Tailored Solutions and Follow-Up

By applying a holistic lens to traditional consultant tools within the CIINDE C.O.N.S.U.L.T. framework, Holistic Nurse Consultants can foster a more comprehensive and patient-centered approach to healthcare, addressing not only physical ailments but also the mental, emotional, social, cultural, environmental and spiritual dimensions of healing and well-being.

This course includes 7 lessons:
Lesson 1: Introduction to Holistic Nurse Consulting
Lesson 2: Foundations of Holistic Nurse Consulting
Lesson 3: Scope & Approach
Lesson 4: YOU as a Holistic Nurse Consultant
Lesson 5: Understanding the Language of Consulting
Lesson 6: Holistic Nurse Consulting Process Wheel
Lesson 7: The HEART of Charting (Consulting Lens)

OPTIONAL: Assignment: Creating YOUR Holistic Nurse Consulting Proposal

REQUIRED: A 15 question quiz on the content learned within this module/course &
Post Evaluation Survey

“We healthcare consultants often find ourselves in a unique position as disruptors to help organizations that are attempting to improve the healthcare experience. While the best at our craft can make such engagements seem easy, this is deceiving because many of these engagements are anything but easy. Earning trust as a consultant is hard. Keeping it is perhaps harder.” (P. 43)

Excerpt from: “The Healthcare Consultant’s Handbook: Career Opportunities and Best Practices” by Scott A. Mason

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Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Nurse Coaching Certificate Program: An Integrative Approach to Holistic Care of Self & Others