Clinical Aromatherapy programs are being integrated into various settings within the healthcare system . If you are interested in using essential oils in your nursing practice we offer an introductory course for healthcare professionals highlighting the most commonly used oils.

Essential oils, or volatile oils, extracted from plants such as herbs, flowers and trees contain an array of natural chemical components called metabolites. Each essential oil contains its own compounds giving each one a distinct aroma and therapeutic use.

Research has consistently shown that odors have an effect on the human brain and emotions showing specific effects on human neuropsychological and autonomic function, influencing mood and perceived health including decreased stress and anxiety.

Essential oils are also used by nurses and other healthcare professionals in wound care and a variety of other localized symptoms such as eczema, muscle aches and alopecia.

Essential oils are used in a variety of ways such as direct inhalation (i.e. using a room diffuser or a few drops on a tissue), through topical application with a carrier oil and through ingestion.

Whether part of your practice or for your personal use, we can show you how you can start using essential oils as part of your daily self-care regime!

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