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Comprehensive Holistic Health Assessments

Comprehensive Holistic Health Assessments

A health assessment that provides a holistic view of an individual’s health.

Health, Wellness & Lifestlye Coaching

Are you ready to take charge of your own health?

Essential Oils & Improved Health

Essential Oils & Improved Health

Clinical Aromatherapy programs are being integrated into various settings within the healthcare system.

Healing Environments

Healing Enviroments

Healing environments are created to reduce stress while enhancing feelings of peace, hope, reflection, and spiritual connection

Integrative Mental Health Coaching

Integrative Mental Health Coaching

Teach mindfulness strategies to promote relaxation and create positive outcomes.

What do Integrative Holistic Nurses do?

Reviving the heART of caregiving…

Florence Nightingale described healing as the creating of healing environments that address not only the problem/concern, but all aspects of a person’s health, from their social needs to mind-body-spirit and environmental needs (internal and external). It is about looking at the big picture and how it relates to overall health and wellness.

While holistic care is inherent to nursing practice, nurses specializing in Integrative Holistic Nursing used advanced skills that allow them to practice with intention, incorporating mindfulness and other complementary approaches and interventions into both self-care regimes and the care they provide for others. Integrative Holistic Nurses/Coaches enter into relationships with clients while supporting them in finding meaning and healing in their experiences.

Integrative Holistic Nurses/Coaches create therapeutic partnerships with clients, family members and communities to serve as facilitators and advocates in the healing process. Healing does not mean curing (although that can happen); rather, it is a process by which individuals can find deeper meaning in their experiences while also reaching a state of wholeness in which body, mind and spirit are balanced.

Integrative Holistic Nurses/Coaches recognize and respect the roles, responsibilities, knowledge and skills needed to provide care, as well as the effect of these on the care recipient. They recognize both formal and informal caregivers as critical partners-in-care who offer a unique perspective and invaluable resources.

Integrative Holistic Nurses/Coaches

Canadian Nurse (2013) Health Coaching a Natural Fit

  • Identify client readiness for change, focusing on strengths and opportunties
  • Complement care by integrating complementary and integrative therapies into nursing practice (i.e. guided imagery; coaching; enhance self-care, relaxation and stress-reduction)
  • Maintain current knowledge and competency in holistic nursing practice, including appropriate certification
  • Provide care that is based on current research and evidence-informed practice
  • Practice centering, grounding and mindful presence in all interactions
  • Engage in self-care, self-reflection and personal growth to serve as an instrument of healing
  • Adhere to Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Provide guidance in health-promotion and illness-prevention, including…
  • assisting in dentifying challenges and opportunites as they relate to client’s goals
  • regular checki-in’s to explore progress towards established goals/desires
  • promoting and facilitating healing and growth through provision of whole-person care

American Holistic Nurses Association, 2017. www.ahna.org

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