Dr. Margot McKinnon (PhD) is author of The Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness Dominance Theory: A guide to elevating your 5 dimensions of self. In essence, we all have 5 dimensions of self, a physical Body, a rational logical Mind, a Spirit real self with passion, joy, and unconditional love, a Soul purpose, and a Oneness sense of connection and belonging. We are born dominant in one of the dimensions, we grow the others over time, and we can switch on and off dimensions depending on the task at hand. This holistic model provides a practical lens to examine personal growth, self-sabotaging behaviours, burnout, and the complexity of holistic nursing.

Dr. Margot has her PhD from the University of Oxford with a thesis on integrating the concept of spirituality into Canadian public education. In her literature review, she included research on how spirituality was conceptualized for Canadian healthcare, particularly nursing, in order to dive deeper into other institutional settings. Despite nurses having to deal with death, dying, and the nature of healing, nurses reported that there were no training modules in holistic nursing, especially a module that included the multidimensional concept of spirituality. When the opportunity arose to partner with TheCIINDE to fill the gap in nursing education, Dr. Margot was thrilled. TheCIINDE provides the change nursing education requires. Dr. Margot is excited to be part of this change.

Contact Details:
Dr. Margot McKinnon
Calgary, Alberta
Website: www.drmargotmckinnon.com
Email: drmargotmckinnon@gmail.com
Cell: 403-463-2675

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