Kerensa graduated with her diploma in Nursing from Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton Alberta. She met her husband while attending nursing school and she soon found herself laying down roots in the rural community of Vegreville.

She worked in acute care while working through her diploma in nursing and spent 10 years working at the small hospital there. In 2011 Kerensa joined the Central Zone Palliative Care Consult Team where she began to embrace her passion for end of life and grief and bereavement.

After 3 years on the team she experienced crippling compassion fatigue and a holistic non negotiable self care practice was developed that will continue throughout her life and nursing career. During her healing process she began to use creative arts to create a sacred space for her spirit to surrender to inner wisdom and find her own inner healer that enabled color to ease her emotions and color her nursing journey in beauty.

In 2014 after returning from CF she obtained her CNA in Hospice and Palliative Care. She began to notice gaps in resources for grief and bereavement and compassion fatigue for nurses, in 2019 she was trained to become a Certified Grief Support Counsellor. Kerensa has always led with spirit and believes to truly honour nurses, individuals and self that embracing our spirit is key. She has learned to work through her own grief both in personal and professional life and engages in creative arts daily and in her coaching.

In Feb 2021 she was among the first cohort to graduate from the CIINDE’s Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Coaching Certificate Program: An Integrative Approach To Holistic Care Of Self & Others. She continues her love of learning and completed Certification in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Level 1&2. In January of 2021 Kerensa left the palliative care team to pursue independent practice where she is the Founder and CEO of Together In Light where she coaches women feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and struggling to find balance to experience restoration, renewal & wellness so that they can l ive a life with energy and wholeness.

Kerensa especially loves to coach health care professionals that have experienced compassion fatigue and grief in their professional lives so that they can unpack emotions and experience emotional relief and deep healing and color their healthcare journey in beauty.

Kerensa is Co-Developer of “The HEART Of Palliative Care For Nurses” a Holistic Nurse Coach Program where we focus on Heart Engaged Assessment that Redefines meaning during transition for everyone involved, nurse, individual and the family. Join Kerensa at the CIINDE where we put the “HEART” back into nursing at all transitions of life.

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