Instructor and Business Consultant


A seasoned professional and advocate, Tara has enjoyed over 25 years working in many facets of the healthcare sector, including environmental health, medical research ethics, community health & epidemiology and government. Her deep respect for the health and wellbeing of not only the person but of their environment in which they function, fuels her passion to help facilitate an optimal state of health and wellness for all. Through her experiences in life and work, Tara has realized the importance of employing strategies encompassing the dynamic pillars of health and their interconnectedness; physical, mental, emotional and spirituality.

Tara’s level of ethics and respect for self and others, has helped foster meaningful, collaborative relationships with key stakeholders including not-for-profit and public organizations as well as many areas of government. Her strong understanding of governance and leadership has delivered positive operational results, financial growth and created lasting change within the organizations she has worked. As a nurse, Tara’s passion and commitment to achieving excellence, drives her ambition to help change the healthcare landscape with honesty and integrity by empowering and educating others to achieve their full holistic potential. A true visionary, Tara is determined to leave a legacy of positive and effective healthcare reform.

Tara J. Weston RN, BN, BSc, MHCM/ MBA Instructor and Business Consultant
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