Julia Evans, BScN, RN, Holistic Nurse, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Author, Executive Board Member, Course Creator and Faculty of TheCIINDE

Julia Evans’s background is in western medicine; she has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has been a Registered Nurse for more than a decade. Only after years of dealing with nurse burnout, silently suffering with Multiple Sclerosis and being faced with a traumatic near-death experience did she finally and truly open her heart and mind towards the notion of holistic healing and energy medicine. She needed to step away from the western world to find a way to breathe, face and deal with what she was always hiding from, to find the missing components that were lacking within her life. She needed to find something to compliment her western knowledge and world, something to help heal her wounded physical, mental and spiritual health.

She felt she was never given the tools to help herself truly heal from the underlying issues that continued to cause and create strife, pain and suffering within her world. She wanted to find what the missing links and components were. She needed to help herself before she could continue to help others.

She was always led to believe that “holistic” healing was an alternative and nonessential piece within our healthcare system, but as Julia immersed herself into learning about what the holistic world was, she began searching for an understanding of what it is and what she and it is actually capable of. She found a modality that spoke to her and through that became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. This modality fuelled her passion and interest towards a journey of self healing and the ability to help others find their missing voice and links within themselves – to help find the root cause and underlying components that hold people back from truly healing. This new knowledge has given her a new perspective on what “healing” is and through that, she learned the value and true healing potential that can be achieved when these two worlds, western and holistic are joined together.

She continues to broaden her knowledge in both the western and the holistic world, but instead of seeing them as separate worlds – seeing them as one; complementing each other instead of fighting against one another. For that is her vision: having these two worlds collaborate to help others learn a variety of tools and modalities to find their true healing potential.

So, when Julia heard about TheCIINDE, she felt like her vision was becoming a reality. She quickly collaborated with the other executives and found the last missing component to create this change. To collaborate with like minded people and show Canada the power, tools and healing potential that can occur when the mind, body and spirit, western medicine and holistic healing combined as one – It’s the whole package.

She learned the importance of not being defined by what others label you as. You are not just your illness, disease or “box” you are placed in. We are all whole-individuals with our own unique experiences and existence; addressing the priorities of those experiences allow for true healing to commence. Although western medicine needs to be there for the times we need to be fixed, repaired and mended back to health, we also need not to forget the other aspects in healing – balancing all three components: mind-body-spirit and addressing the underlying issues that cause our being to be out of balance and in state of dis-ease, stress, pain and suffering.

Since learning and understanding the essential attributes holistic healing and energy medicine has, she created a mission to be an Inflencer for change. Now that she has teamed up with theCIINDE she can help share this message of the importance of both holistic healing and westren medicine and help facilitate and teach others this incredible knowledge.
As Julia steps back into the westren world, she brings with her this new insight. She learned the tools to help heal herself and now is sharing it with others.

Julia Evans, also known as The Lily Nurse, is a public speaker, teacher, facilitator and influencer for change. She is a dedicated advocate for her clients personal healing and an international author of the newly released book; The Lily Nurse: Rebooted/Re-birthed and Finding a New Path, which is available on Amazon.

Her goal is to share her message, her mission and her vision and help those who are wanting a change – To help with being seen, heard, healthy and balanced. Holistic care is an essential and integrative approach which needs to be brought back into our awareness within our healthcare system.

We all have a story, and just want to be seen, heard and healed.

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