Director of Technology 

A seasoned IT professional with background in helpdesk, building and supporting server class computer environments, as well as over 15 years in managing large scale telephony platforms, Denis is a well-rounded IP professional with many talents in the IT field. He has worked in the IT field for 20 years supporting customer service-based programs in the automotive and healthcare sector, with involvement in both private sector and government clients. His great attention to detail and efficiency allows him to create and support crucial systems and tools used by front line staff that allow them to provide world class customer service with optimal productivity. Through Denis’ passion for the IT field, combined with real life experience, he has played critical roles in helping support government programs that needed to be developed with very short timeframes while maintaining precise functionality and strict government guidelines.

Denis’ work ethic to complete tasks properly the first time, while still maintaining tight project timelines has helped many clients with crucial events relating to business needs in crisis situations. With the IT field being in continuous evolution, Denis excels at adapting to the changing landscape and strives to keep he skills sharp so that he can continue to provide his customers with maximum system and telephony uptime as to help mitigate income loss caused by unscheduled and unpredictable downtime.

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